Mission Statement
Arts Network is a charity that provides an inspirational and understanding environment for people with mental health support needs, and challenges the stigma of mental health.
We support people to achieve their personal goals through creative activities, exhibitions, and events that enable participants to learn new skills, increase self confidence, and develop relationships.

We constantly seek to battle stigma and discrimination by presenting our work and practice to medical practitioners, key stakeholders, and the general public.

“The camaraderie and socialising helped me realise that I am not alone.”

Arts Network provides a supportive welcoming space for participants to explore their creativity, socialise and feel part of the community. Our free service is primarily aimed at people who have severe mental illness, and focuses on those who are isolated and have little or no resources or support.

It is important to note that we are not a clinical practice, nor do we offer art therapy. Instead, we use the arts as a form of respite, working with members to develop projects and skills that suit their specific needs. This might mean working as part of a group within a structured workshop, focusing on an individual project, or just having a place where they can explore new skills as part of a friendly community.

It is our firm belief that given the time, space, and support, everyone can improve their wellbeing and learn to manage their mental health. At Arts Network we facilitate this by enabling people to build relationships and enter into a community centred around art and artistic practice. Through this, our members are able to socialise, learn new skills, and grow in confidence and self-worth. 

Who We Have Worked With