Many of our tutorials use homemade coffee ink in their techniques. Here are all the videos that use this easy to make material. Click the first video for the simple recipe to make your own coffee ink at home!

Arts Network Challenge: Painting with Coffee

Emily shows us how to paint using coffee. A great technique when stuck for supplies

Arts Network Challenge: Collage Using Textures

This tutorial builds on our other coffee ink themed videos, demonstrating how to make collages out of coffee textures

Arts Network Challenge: Coffee Textures

Paula shows us how to make great textures using coffee ink and objects found around the home. A great method when stuck for supplies!

Arts Network Challenge: Painting with String

Paula teaches a technique of painting with string. Why not try this at home and create string artworks of your own!

Arts Network Challenge: Toilet Roll Stamps

Paula teaches how to create stamps out of used toilet paper roll and using coffee to create patterns.